Brian Klinefelter Family Scholarship

Katelyn Klinefelter was slightly over two months old when her father, Brian Klinefelter, a police officer, died tragically in the line of duty. Brian responded to a call and came across a stolen vehicle used in a robbery earlier that night. Katelyn will never know her “father in heaven,” as she calls him. However, because of Brian’s death in the line of duty, Katelyn’s college education has been funded.

David and Lois Klinefelter, Katelyn’s grandparents, initially funded the Brian Klinefelter Family Scholarship using funds that would have gone to Katelyn’s education. Just as Katelyn is the child of a law enforcement officer, this scholarship was set up to go to a child of a law enforcement officer, paramedic, or firefighter. The Brian Klinefelter Family Scholarship provides one $1,000 scholarship a year.